Bitkong is one of the best,fun and really addictive bitcoin game website that you will find online.

BitKong is a bitcoin game website that allows you to deposit a small amount of bitcoins and make your bitcoins grow by playing their highly addicting game.

The best way I can describe the game is that it is basically a Bitcoin slot machine controlled by a monkey.

Its totally different from all other gaming website you have played.BitKong might be the new king of the jungle. The interface is just so good.


Getting started is really easy. You don’t even need an account. Try out the demo version (no money) or test your luck with a small amount of free BTC.You can also login with facebook here or you will given a unique id when you enter the site no need to register.


Deposits are instantly credited.No need for your deposit to get confirmation,they are credited instanlty as soon as it enters the blockchain.And same with the withdrawals they are also processed instantly.They mention that large withdrawals may be processed manually,but most of the withdrawals are instantly done.

Game Modes

There are three modes. The difference between the modes is a combination of 1) the # of columns 2) the win-loss ratio in a row 3) and the amount you win.

Easy Mode: 3 columns, 2/3 win per row, smaller wins.

Medium Mode: 2 columns, 1/2 win per row, bigger wins.

Hard Mode: 3 columns, 1/3 win per row, biggest wins.

So, the harder the mode = higher risk, but also higher reward.

Referral Program

Another great thing about is their referral program. You can refer friends (or strangers) and earn bitcoin passively. That’s very exciting stuff.

“0.25% of every bet made by players referred by you, gets added to your balance. Whether they win or lose the bet, you still earn money.”

The 0.25% comes from the 1% edge the house has on their games.

Some Tips

  • Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose.
  • Withdraw your bitcoin after each session.
  • Keep track of how much you deposited.
  • Keep track of how much you are down.
  • Keep track of how much you are up.
  • Know when you’re no longer martingale’ing. (ie: you hit bet cap and lost.)

If your up, consider withdrawing your initial deposit.

It is really a fun and addictive provably fair gaming site surely worth giving it a try.


  1. Wow! This is great, another gambling site. The most I like from it is their bonus referral which works passively. In addition, the Facebook log-in is capable so we can easily try it out.

  2. The referral is great. I can win money without doing anything. It’s great when you have some High-rollers as friends :D. And it’s great that they have demo’s and little free money to start.

    • I like BITKONG mutch better than sharkion. Bitkong is fair and will pay when you win. Sharkoin on the other hand is a scam, they closed my account and took the balance with no explination it was only about $25. never got a chance to withdraw. Now for the rest ot the story sharkoin emailed me an asked if i would like to join their Affiliate program. I replied, No thank you. I do have a comment about your site. Just the other day you changed the rules on your site,this was after a friend of mine won over $1600.00 dollars. You accused him of cheating and kept his money. Your site is a SCAM! SCAM! and you are a CHEAT! Don”t waste your money on SHARKION they will SCAM or CHEAT you!!!! Jack Crawford

  3. Cool thing on Bitkong is the faucet. What i don’t like is their high-min deposit requirement. That’s why i mostly play on as you can play also with 1$ or less.


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